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Usually abbreviated to T.Y., Teya-Teyaneng means “place of quick sands”. This name refers to its nearby river, which occasionally alters its course. The town is the crafts capital of Lesotho, specialising in all manner of local creations, particularly weavings and knitted goods. It’s well worth a visit to buy luxurious jerseys, blankets, tapestries and wall–hangings, or just to watch them being made.

Places To Visit

  • Hatooa-Mose-Mosali
    Tapestries, rugs, jerseys
    P.O. Box 603 . Teya-teyaneng
    Tel.: +266 22500772
  • Setsoto Design
    Pure Wool and Mohair jerseys, tapestries and rugs.
    P.O. Box 59. Teya-teyaneng. 
    Tel.: +266 22500338
  • Elelloang Basali
    Wall hangings and jerseys
    P.O. Box 449. Teya-teyaneng. 
    Tel.: +266 58851053
  • Likhomo Arts
    Cowskin dresses, leather sandals, and beads
    Tel: +266 22317356 / 58739826
  • Helang Basali
    Tapestries, cushion covers, place-mats, jerseys
    P.O. Box 59. Teya-teyaneng

Accommodation Facilities

  • Blue Mountain Inn
    PO Box 7 Teyateyaneng
    Tel.:+266 22500362
  • Ka Pitseng Guest House
    +266 22 501638
  • Palace Hotel
    P.O. Box 1642 Maseru 100
    Tel.:+266 58864905

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