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Mokhotlong sits atop the cold and wind–blown Drakensberg Ridge. Mokhotlong means ‘Place of the Bald Ibis’, and the streaks of guano that stain the cliffs testify to the name’s relevance. Reminescent of Tibet or Mongolia, the stoical bleakness of Mokhotlong will either charm or scare you.

Accommodation Facilities

  • Mokhotlong Hotel
    Tel:+27 22 920212
  • Molumong Lodge
    Tel:+27 832543323 / Derik
  • Sani Top Chalet
    P.O. Box 12 Himeville 4585 South Africa
    Tel.:+27 337021158
  • Senqu Hotel
    P.O. Box 13 Mokhotlong
    Tel.: +266 22 920330

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