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Malealea is the home of Malealea Lodge and Pony Trekking Centre 10. The people of Malealea village are doing well with the help of the lodge and the many visitors that come for pony trekking and hiking in the beautiful mountains. The locals have established a Riding Association to ensure that the trekking guides and horses work in rotation, and that the trekking horses are in good physical condition.

Malealea lies at 1,800 metres above sea level, with magnificent views across the plateau towards a panorama of misty mountains as high as the European Alps. You can trek for a single hour or for as long as 4 days into the Maluti Mountains, visiting remote and friendly villages where you stay in the Chief’s guest hut, made of mud and thatch. The friendliness of the Basotho people makes the experience a joyful one. The saddles are comfortable and the horses sure-footed and sturdy.