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In the early 19th century, tribal groups fleeing from the violent Zulu King Shaka found refuge in the high Maluti Mountains. One group under Moshoeshoe I successfully defended the flat-topped sandstone plateau of Butha-Buthe Mountain 7 for two years before relocating to Thaba Bosiu.

Butha-Buthe’s summit is accessible by a fairly stiff but not outrageously difficult climb, which may suggest why Moshoeshoe I felt inclined to move. The view from the summit is a wonderful one of the surrounding areas. Founded in 1884 to facilitate tax collection, the town of Butha-Buthe (“Lie Down”) is situated on the Hlotse River with a beautiful backdrop of mountains.

Places To Visit

  • Lesotho Historical Village

Accommodation Facilities

  • Afri Ski Resort
    Tel: +27 118888881
  • Butha Buthe Youth Hostel
    P0 Box 80 Butha Buthe
    Tel.:+266 22460027
  • Crocodile Inn
    PO Box 72 Butha-Buthe
    Tel.+266 22460223
  • Likileng Village
    P.O. Box 582. Butha Buthe
    Tel: +266 22460686
  • Liphofung Cultural Village
    Tel: +266 22 460723
  • Mamohase Rural Stay B&B
    Tel: +266 58058438 / 58045597
  • Oxbow Lodge
    P.O. Box 60 Ficksburg 9730 South Africa.
    Tel.: +27 519332247

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