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Tourist Attractions


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The oldest nature reserve in Lesotho, Sehlabathebe is remote and rugged with an average elevation of 2,400 metres. It is almost inaccesible, but peaceful and incredibly beautiful, with some shy antelope and rare birds. You’ll definitely need a 4x4 vehicle, and even then you might get stuck going in or out and have to wait for a river to recede after heavy rains.  Once inside Sehlabathebe you’ll have the opportunity to do some lovely hikes and pony treks. It is always a good idea to take a guide with you on your excursions, and there is always someone willing to take you for a minimal fee. It is easy to get lost if a thick mist descends, as often happens suddenly and unpredictably.

Accommodation is available at Sehlabathebe, but camping saves you the trouble of trying to book space in the park’s lodge, and is in any case the best way to experience the park.

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