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Tourist Attractions


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Mafeteng is a busy town close to the Van Rooyensnek border post. The main street has a scattering of shops that carry limited supplies, while road-side stalls sell fruit and vegetables. The council office has the carved animal heads adorning its front walls.

Accommodation Facilities

  • Golden Hotel
    P.O. Box 36 Mafeteng
    Tel.:+266 22 700566
  • Hotel Mafeteng
    P.O. Box 109 Mafeteng
    Tel.:+266 58855555
  • Malealea Lodge, Adventure & Pony Trek Centre
    P.O. Box 12118 Brandhof 9324
    Tel/Fax.:+27 51 4366766 RSA Cell +27 82 5524215,

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