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Tourism and culture

Located at the southern tip of Africa, Lesotho is outside the tropics and enjoys a cool, temperate climate, rendering it malaria and bilharzia free.  The Kingdom’s central position in the heart of Africa’s most developed area is well served by air and road links to all major centres of South Africa.

Lesotho’s great altitude earned the land its poetic nickname: the Kingdom in the Sky. The country is mostly highlands, plateaus and mountains, making for unceasingly dramatic views beneath an enormous sky. The country’s highest point is the peak of Thaba Ntlenyana in the Drakensberg, at 3,482m. Even its lowest point, the junction of the Orange and Makhaleng rivers, is a good 1,400m above sea level. Ringed by mountains, Lesotho’s rugged landscape is one of the most beautiful and austere on the African continent. The entire country is more than a thousand metres above sea level; it is fittingly known as the Kingdom in the Sky. Out on the highlands, the sky is mindbogglingly enormous, and the air crisp and pure.

The Kingdom is home to one of the largest civil engineering projects in Africa, which has harnessed and commercialized her surplus water resources, “White Gold”, resulting in the development of the massive, world famous Katse Dam and Mohale Dam.


Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation

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