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Investment opportunities in Lesotho

Knitted fabric mill, accessories & packaging materials

With the garment industry requiring local access to raw materials and accessories, there are opportunities for investment in knitted fabric mills, trims and finishing facilities.

Leather & footwear

With shoes qualifying for all the benefits under AGOA, opportunities exist in tanning and finishing, footwear and footwear components, leather garments and leather goods and accessories.

Assembly of consumer electrical & electronic appliance – Sector of the labour market have the requisite knowledge and skills to work on subassemblies or the final assembly of an array of finished electrical and electronic products or components, including engines, computers, radio or test equipment and machine – tool control.

Food processing

Efforts are being stepped up to enlarge the production base of the fruit and vegetable processing industry for the export of a wider range of products of international quality. At present, the country’s sole cannery processes peaces, apricots, asparagus and beans. Increased productivity level will require additional canneries to absorb and process all the available raw materials.

Water bottling

Lesotho’s water is considered to be one of the most pure in the world with very little microbiological and chemical contamination. Consider a food products internationally, investment in water bottling is seen as having a positive impact on public health in the region by providing safe drinking water and soft drinks in areas with poor water supply quality.

Plastic products

Currently all the packaging materials required for Lesotho’s manufacturing sector are imported from South Africa and Asia. Thus opportunities exist in the manufacture of plastic ware to different customer specifications, especially in providing a complete range of packaging products for the local export market.

Resources-based projects (ceramics, bricks & sandstone)

The demand for sandstone slabs and tiles as well as veneering stones has been the increase, and Lesotho ‘s abundant sandstone deposits can be exported in different forms and thicknesses. Sandstone is currently used extensively in residential and commercial construction, with artefacts made of sandstone also gaining popularity. A degree of mechanisation will be required for large-scale production. With proper marketing and additional capital brought in by joint venture partners, it may be possible to expand the upset market.

Environmental project. (Waste recycling)

Water use and wastewater discharge set elements in the textiles industry and investment opportunities exist in process measurement and control, water recycling, chemical substitution and reduction, energy efficiency, and new product development using waste materials.

Development of infrastructure

There is a pressing need for the development of industrial and commercial sites and buildings, as well as commercial properties, with foreign direct investment required for the development of industrial estates as well as modern shopping complexes.

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