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FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization

FAO and Lesotho have cooperated closely over the past four decades, and a Country Office was established in 1983.  The Lesotho Embassy-Rome attends meeting in Rome (FAO Offices) in facilitation of the main thrust of assistance that is consisted in the formulation and implementation of agriculturally-related policies and programmes as well as technical development projects, aimed at increasing agricultural output, natural resource management, food security and nutrition.


More recently, important features of cooperation have included response to agricultural emergencies and the promotion of sustainable land management e.g. FAO Emergency response to El Niño Drought in Lesotho project 15/03/2016 to 14/03/2017 (ORSO/LES/60/EC) bears testimony.

FAO Meetings that Lesotho-Rome Mission takes part in are as follows amongst many others:

  1. G77 and China – Rome Chapter;
  2. FAO Africa Regional Group;
  3. a)  FAO – Committee on Food Security (CFS) Informal consultation on smallholders
    b)  CFS Open Ended Working Group (OEWG) on Nutrition.

In its membership FAO has Low-Income Food Deficit Countries (LIFDC) 2015.  This is self-explanatory in Nature.  There is a criterion provided for by FAO to determine if a Country falls on the LIFDC List.  Lesotho falls under the 2015 LIFDC List. 

In June 2016, Lesotho will take her seat as a member of the FAO Council for two years

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