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FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization

FAO and Lesotho have cooperated closely over the past four decades, and a Country Office was established in 1983.  The Lesotho Embassy-Rome attends meeting in Rome (FAO Offices) in facilitation of the main thrust of assistance that is consisted in the formulation and implementation of agriculturally-related policies and programmes as well as technical development projects, aimed at increasing agricultural output, natural resource management, food security and nutrition.

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WFP - World Food Programme

WFP has been working in Lesotho since 1965.despite the lengthly period of cooperation between Lesotho and WFP, Lesotho still holds an observer status and is not a member of the Executive Board of WFP, consideration to run for membership of the Executive Council is in progress.  Currently, WFP has a Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation (PRRO) and Development Project (DP) in the country.

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