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Visas and Passports

Ministry of home affairs, public safety and parliamentary affairs new visa issuance policies

In an effort to improve management of the influx of illegal immigration into Lesotho, I wish to inform your good office of the following enhanced requirements for visa issuance:

  1. An applicant for a visa to Lesotho should present a police clearance (a proof that he/she has never been convicted of crime or he/she is a law abiding citizen). No visa should be issued without presentation of a Police Clearance. However, Representatives, of tourist groups, well-known businesses, Governments and/or International Organizations and holders of service (Official) and Diplomatic passports are exempt from the policy.
  2. An applicant should have a return ticket especially if he/she applies for a short visit to Lesotho, such as, tourists and business prospectors.
  3. An applicant should present a letter of invitation from a party to be visited in Lesotho and such letter should be validated by an authority issuing a visa.
  4. Recruits by private sector business, especially manufacturing companies in Lesotho may be exempt from having a return ticket upon presenting an employment contract, a letter of invitation and a police clearance certificate.
  5. An applicant must prove ability in terms of funds to sustain his/her living in Lesotho during the period applied for.
  6. The seventy-two hour visa obtained so far at the ports of entry will no more be automatic and there is no guarantee that it will be issued, and
  7. in case an applicant is living far from any of Lesotho’s Foreign Mission abroad, prior arrangements should be made for a visa to be issued at the port of entry, only if all other requirements are satisfied.

Application process for Lesotho ID and Lesotho Passport

For Lesotho Embassy Rome to be able to assist everybody to apply for or change to the new passport system, we humbly request the following from you;

  1. Please communicate with your next of kin in Lesotho to assist you to apply for the new Birth Certificate.
  2. Once the Birth Certificate has been issued, the availability of the Birth Certificate number (which will appear on the Birth Certificate) will facilitate continuation to the next step being application for a Lesotho Identification Card and Lesotho Passport.
  3. Applicants should complete both forms – for the Identity Card and the Passport – which are available at the Embassy in the First Secretary’s office, and this will be done under the guidance of an Embassy official.
  4. Both forms require two (2) full colour passport sized photo each, meaning a total of four (4) passport sized photos are required.
  5. Finger prints for both hands should be taken, and authenticated in the presence of the Head of Mission.
  6. An application fee of M300.00 – Three Hundred Maluti is required.

Passports and Visas Applications General Information

  • Processing period for visa applications is two working days.
  • Passport must have two blank pages for the visa.
  • Passport must be valid for at least three months after the return date from Lesotho
  • Please check our Opening Hours & Public Holidays. in the Embassy section.

Visa Requirements to Enter Lesotho

Visa applications must be submitted at the Embassy and should be accompanied by the following supporting documents:

  • a duly completed visa application form downloadable here (or available at the Embassy);
  • a valid passport;
  • two passport-size photographs;
  • a work certificate for business visits;
  • copy of a confirmed return ticket;
  • copy of a confirmed accommodation reservations (accommodation guides are available at the section Towns and other places of interest);
  • proof of payment of visa fees: Euro 100 for a single entry and Euro 200 for multiple entry (non-refundable) - VISA ACCOUNT:
    IBAN: IT02 H010 0503 2000 0000 0009 994
    Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, Roma, Italy
  • applications made by mail must be accompanied by a pre-paid self-addressed return envelope, e.g. DHL or any other form of mail express;
  • a visa is valid for a period of one month;
  • visitors coming from countries where cholera or yellow fever is endemic, require a vaccination certificate;

If you wish to extend your stay beyond the date written in your passport

this can be done at the Immigration office, at the following address:

Director of Immigration Services
P.O. Box 363
Maseru, 100
Tel: (266) 22322187

Citizens of countries which have visa abolition agreements with Lesotho and citizens of some Commonwealth countries do not require a visa to enter Lesotho. Conversely, nationals of all other countries do require a visa.

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